Busting The 4 Ridiculous Slot Machines Myths

Blame it on its popularity, Slot Machine just like any other much-discussed things on the planet earth has some myths around it. Probably these myths have something to do with people’s inability to understand how a slot machine actually works. I hate to say this but it seems nobody knows for sure what Random Number Generator, which governs all the slot machines in most of the states, actually does. Ignorance of this kind is the perfect breeding ground of myths. Gambling has never been so exciting as with book of ra. Just in a few minutes and in a few clicks and you are already there, in the world of easy money and fun! But we are here to bust those myths –

By Analyzing the symbols on wheels, you can discover the secret of success

You have to play and get great bonuses in das beste online casino here. Don’t miss your chance to become more rich. Yeah I know how you feel whenever you see the numbers on slot machine on motion. It increases your heartbeats, you start staring at the screen intently and hoping desperately that you win. But sadly enough that never happens. As we have said earlier, all slot machines use the RNG that generate number randomly each time you pull the stick.  There is a relation between the number and the symbol of the wheel but do not let that befool you. It may look that there are only a few symbols and therefore, it is not that tough to predict the number and make a fortune out of it but the reality is vastly different. The truth is that with those ‘few symbols’, slot machines are capable of generating millions of combination and therefore, as you can understand zeroing on a winning combination is tough, if not almost impossible. If figuring out the winning combination is that easy, every Tom, Dick, Harry would be millionaire today. Since they have not become millionaire yet, we can assume that cracking the winning combination is that that simple.

Since Nobody has won the Jackpot for a while, chances of winning is high

Believe it or not, every spin on a slot machine is unique and is no way related to what happened to the previous spin. That means, you simply cannot pin you hope on the fact that since nobody has won a jackpot for a while, you stand a better chance of winning it. This is absurd, completely absurd. A slot can go for months, years without paying the top jackpot. Winning is all about fiddling with lady luck and making wild guess.

You left The Machine and Someone Else Plays it and Grabs the Jackpot

Yeah I know that feeling. It seems like the sky has fallen. You start cursing your luck, wishing hard if you would not have stopped playing. But believe me; even if you had not stopped playing, there is no certainty that you would have cracked the jackpot. Hitting a jackpot on Slot Machine depends on combination picked by the slot machine and a micro second delay can result in generating a complete different set of number. So, it is highly unlikely that you have played precisely at the same time and won the Jackpot. So, do not feel bad about what happened rather focusing on other pressing issues.

You Have Divine Knowledge That Casino Owners Are Changing The Percentage Payout

It is not the casino owners who actually decide the percentage payout of the slot machines rather it is the computer chip in them that determines it. Thankfully, these computer chips are preset and cannot be tempered that easily. The only way casino owners can change the payout percentage is by changing the chip altogether but fear not as there are rules and regulations to prevent these types of activities.

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