Online Casino Changes

It looks like Australia is coming to its senses and starting to understand that it needs to loosen its online casino rules for AustrYou have to play and get great bonuses in online casino deutschland legal here. Don’t miss your chance to become more rich.lian players. KPMG’s Anthony Travers, the partner in charge of the Australian gaming industry practice, recently released an international report about online casinos and pokies win free money. It showed that many places, including Australia, are rethinking their opposition to online casino playing.

Online Pokies

The KPMG report called Online Gambling, a gamble or a sure-bet? Showed that in 2008 alone $790 million was spent in Australia on overseas online gambling sites. Certainly, this shows Australia that pokies and online casino playing is very popular, and that the people want the opportunity to enjoy it. Travers explained that, if Australia ignores the online casino market, that number will increase and Australia will miss out on the tax that they could have gained from that activity.

Thoughts on Pokies

The Federal Government now has this report in its hands as it decides on the state of online casino gambling and online pokies for Aussies. Gambling has never been so exciting as with book of ra. Just in a few minutes and in a few clicks and you are already there, in the world of easy money and fun! Many of the current online casino sites are hoping that the government will legislate and regulate what they do. Prohibitions have, obviously, not worked up until this point. Regulations, instead, would help Australia to keep on eye on the online pokies games that the citizens are playing and would create more tax revenue for Australia.

Priorities for Online Casino Sites

Unfortunately, in Australia, there isn’t a minister for gambling. Rather, there is only a minister for broadband, communications and the digital economy who is overseeing the issues of online casino gambling. This means that the issue, in general, is being given a low priority. Certainly those who love online pokies are hoping that the restrictions in Australia will be lifted for online casino sites, and that people will be able to enjoy more of the pokies that they have come to love!

Technology and Online Sites Sites

Certainly, as technology continues to take off and mobile internet access becomes easier, there is more and more opportunity for online gambling services. Australia wants to make sure to be part of this growing trend, so as not to miss out on the opportunity. As Travers says, “We expect to see the regions relax, with appropriate controls put in place and we expect further growth.” This would certainly come as great news for Aussies who love online pokies and love playing at the online casino sites!