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24-year-old Danica boasts an incredible body. It*s hard to look beyond her huge tits, but everything about Danica 每 from her hourglass waist to her bold ass 每 is almost a textbook description of a big, beautiful woman with curves in all the right places.

If you*re into XXXL-sized boobs, you must be mesmerized by Danica*s appearance right now.

Can you believe that this Scandinavian woman is actually a high-school teacher? God knows how much studying her students get done, but Danica is extremely well-read and intelligent. Recently, she*s taken to wearing a pair of nerdy glasses, which makes the combination of teacher and temptress seem even more irresistible.

Danica is definitely a woman of substance, but she*s extremely passionate in her private life as well. She was uncomfortable with all the attention her boobs got when she was a teenager, and even considered having them surgically reduced. But thankfully, she changed her mind 每 you don*t mess with such a pair of God-given gifts! 〞 and has now fully embraced the shape of her body and the sexuality that comes with it.

Enjoy Danica! With all that boobs, body and brain, we guarantee you*ll never get bored in her company.

Product Specifications:

Height: 158cm

Weight: 45kg

Bust: 95cm

Waist: 58cm

Hip: 105cm

Vagina Depth: 16cm

Anus Depth: 14cm

Oral Depth: 12cm

Package Size: 147 x 38 x 30cm

Doll comes with same wig and eye color as pictures.? Clothes are for photo purposes only and not included.

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