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DRAIMIOR Leten Yui Hatano Pussy Masturbator for Male Interactive Voice 10 Mode Vibration Aircraft Cup Adult Sex Toys

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Product information

Material:ABS+TPE Product Size:224mm*92mm*62mm Retail box size:260mm*120mm*100mm Net Weight:652g Power: USB Charging 500mah lithium battery Fuction: 10 Modes rotation AV Girl interactive Voice

Instructions for use

Tips: Please do not open the soft meat when cleaning, to avoid damage caused by excessive tension. 1. Pour the lubricating oil into the mouth of the soft meat before use, and then insert it into the penis (recommended to wear a condom) 2, after use, remove the soft meat, rinse with water, dry naturally (not exposed to the sun) or use a towel to dry (Note: soft meat is thoroughly dried and then returned to the cup to avoid short circuit or damage to the circuit) 3. Do not clean the cup body. Do not allow any liquid to enter the cup to avoid short circuit or damage. 4, before stuffing into the egg, first apply a small amount of lubricating fluid to the jumping egg, it can be easier to stuff.

Product FAQ

1. What is the state of charge of the Hatano Nod Aircraft Cup? How long does it take? Answer: The charging button position flashes red, full of constant red light, usually about 2-3 hours. 2. How does the Thunder leten wave wilderness crusted aircraft cup button operate? For details, please see: (3: Button description and usage: (picture)) Answer: 1 burst button / up switch button 1. Press and hold for 2 seconds to start the burst mode. In the burst mode, the shock is the strongest, and the sound of the bed is the most intense. Press any key to exit this mode. 2. Press the up switch button after power on to switch the vibration mode. There are 10 vibration modes in total, which cannot be cycled. 2 switch down After powering on, press the down switch button to switch the vibration mode. The vibration mode has a total of 10 types and cannot be cycled. 3 call bed control button After booting, enter the normal mode, press the call control button to enter the smart mode, and press the call control button again to enter the vibration mode. Normal mode: 3 shock 7 frequency optional, silent; Intelligent mode: vibration and sound change according to the intensity of thrust stimulation; Vibration mode: 3 earthquakes and 7 frequencies are optional, and different bed sounds are freely switched according to different vibration modes. 4 switch button 1. Press and hold for 2 seconds to turn on the machine. After booting, enter the normal mode 1st gear; 2. Press and hold for 2 seconds to shut down in any state after power on. 5 indicator 1. After power on, press the up/down switch button to light the white light for 1 second. 2, the power is not enough, the red light flashes quickly after 30 seconds, automatically shut down; 3. The red light flashes when charging, and the red light is off after being fully charged for 5 minutes; 4. The white light continues to flash rapidly in the one-button burst mode; 5, open the bed mode, red light, blue light, turn off the bed mode light off.

Leten aircraft cup quality problem troubleshooting steps

Answer: First of all, whether it is charging or vibration, follow the steps below to accurately confirm whether it is a quality problem;         The first step: first confirm whether the button operation is correct (the switch needs to be long pressed for 2 seconds; the charging process can not be turned on) Click to cycle between the on/off key;         Step 2: Re-confirm whether the charging is correct (whether the charging port is connected to the magnetic port, and whether the charging lamp flashes red);         The third step: is to charge on the computer, or charge on the socket (charge on the computer can be excluded because the home input voltage is too high can not be charged);         The fourth step: If you have tried all the above steps, you can confirm that it is a quality problem. Please follow the Thunder return policy.

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