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Nothosaur Soft Anal Plug Ovipositor Dildo Penis WITHOUT EGG Fantasy Dildo Vaginal Balls Buttplug for Men Women Sex Toys Bdsm Toy

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  • Product Code: F2210
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$2,877.00 Ex Tax: $2,877.00

Available Options

※Make a variety of color combinations (monochrome, mixed color, gradient color)

※Using the highest food grade silicone "Platinum Silicone", it has no peculiar smell and has a real feel. It has passed the test and certification of international authoritative organizations.

※Confidential mailing to protect privacy

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※We believe that there will be good results and will work hard to win your praise!

Note: Due to the different colors displayed by different computers, the color of the actual object may be slightly different from the above picture, thank you for your understanding!!!!

Package Included:

1.Ovipositor Dildo

2.Eggs Mould

3.Push Rods

Without Matching Eggs !!!

Matching eggs can be made from Gelatin !!!

You can make Alien Eggs of different colors according to your own preferences. and you can also make Ice Alien Eggs in pursuit of excitement.

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